Public Affairs & Mobilization

You’ve got to get both the policy and the politics of your issue right. And you’ve got to have the right allies telling your story. At CSG we design and execute world-class public affairs campaigns that define your issue, position it correctly, and get you over the finish line. Our strategists are battle-tested, and our bi-partisan network of operatives, in all 50 states, is the most seasoned and sophisticated in the public affairs industry.

  • Integrated campaign design & management
  • Relationship mapping & influencer identification
  • Grasstops & grassroots strategies
  • Ally recruitment & mobilization
  • Coalition development & management

Early & Battleground State Strategies

Presidential campaign cycles are a uniquely powerful way to elevate the profile of your issue, build support, build a movement or change the conversation. At CSG we specialize in the design and execution of early and battleground state campaigns that create lasting impact on the national dialogue. From living rooms to town halls and from state fairgrounds to the debate stage, our team will plot and execute a path to breakthrough success and a mandate for action.

  • On the ground early & battleground state campaign management
  • Influencer mapping & ally recruitment
  • Policy toolkit development
  • Debate strategy
  • Grassroots organizing
  • Rally & event production

Strategic Communications

Everything starts with the right message. We help you frame your position and tell your story with a combination of original insight, resonate language, a targeted media strategy and the right allies to make sure you break through.

  • Strategy and message development
  • Media landscape analysis
  • Targeted messenger development
  • Corporate reputation management
  • Digital & online integration
  • Journalist & editorial board engagement
  • Media training